Since its conception in the early 80's, the Courtyard Restaurant and Olde Rooste Lounge has been praised as one of the finest restaurants in northeastern Michigan. Dave Patin, its original owner, had two things in mind when he began this legacy, which has become a local favorite and time honored tradition; serve exceptional food to family and friends and provide a relaxed and warm environment.

Since my wife, Lora, and I took over the restaurant in 06' our goal has been to take what our mentor has given and push those standards to new heights. From the moment you walk through the door you will be received with a welcoming spirit comparable to coming home. We rely heavily on our wonderful, hardworking staff to help create this warm, hometown spirit and are very pleased to watch them convey our sentiments of kindness and appreciation. Lora and I both hold family and friends in high regard. We also feel your experience should be a time of such comfort and enjoyment. What better time can there be than relaxing with family enjoying a great meal, or gathering with friends for a glass of wine and fine conversation? For both my wife and I, we can say without hesitation, that these times have been some of our most cherished. We love to share what we have created with our guests.

It is of utmost importance to Lora and I that we serve great food. Only the freshest meats, fish and vegetables are used in our kitchen. Since we began, we have sought out first class suppliers to ensure the quality of our product is second to none. Our fresh fish program is one such way that allows us to order and receive fresh fish six days a week, ensuring perfection of product. We also adjust our menu four times a year to coincide with the changing seasons and quality of produce. The reason all this work goes into using the best ingredients we can find is that everything the Courtyard creates is made with love and from scratch. All of our dinners are prepared as if we were making them at home. We are both very particular. This is why customer feedback is so important to us. With your help we have been able to perfect some of our favorite dishes.

Lora and I are both very thankful to come from such a wonderful town. Alpena is a great hometown full of friendly caring families who go out of their way to help and support each other. We both have felt this love first hand, not only in business but through all the years and all the families who have shared in our lives. We feel our restaurant should be a direct reflection of all we have learned and now embrace. A place family and friends can come to relax and enjoy a great meal. Or perhaps, sit at the bar and enjoy the game. Whatever it is you prefer we are confident in inviting you to join us for a relaxing night at our restaurant.


Chris and Lora Bauer-Carlson